Friday, February 6, 2009

NEW BLOG FORMAT for Green Log Home

It's official, our last blog format was prehistoric, we couldn't upload pictures, the layout was nasty and impossible to edit with any success. Things have changed, welcome to our new blog and expect to see more posts on a regular basis.

So an update of where we are now:
The house is dried-in - apart from our recycled metal roof. We're waiting for the metal roof company to get back to us (it's been over a month now since we tried to contact them) and there remains some confusion on exactly how much roof covering will be required.

The house is dried-in, there's 8 separate layers in situ i.e. installed on the roof - the top being an Ice-and-Water-Shield. So no water or ice penetrates these layers or gets into our home.

We're hoping to have the foam insulation guy come and spray a layer of soy-based insulation in our home sometime next week. To fill-in-the-gaps! (OK I know - precision milled logs in place means there shouldn't be any, but the crew is still required to cut some logs on location).

It's really starting to take shape. The stairs were put in this week, which is great. It also means that we don't have to crawl up and down a ladder to get to different floors. Lol - that makes it sound as though we have multiples (basement + first floor [AKA the ground floor in the UK and rez-de-chaussée in France & Quebec] + second floor [or AKA first floor in the UK])!!

We are going up to the house tomorrow morning so we'll have some new pictures to post on our website early next week.

Have a good weekend!

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